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Interchangeable Thumbillow Kit (Out of Stock)

Interchangeable Thumbillow Kit (Out of Stock) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: FG-AC-0005
Price: $14.00

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Hard to find bowling aid is one of the best kept secrets on the Pro Tour. Back to back 300's prove its worth.

The Thumbillow Kit includes:

Calif., LET'S FACE IT. Bowling balls are the hot news today. And we'll be the first to admit that we have visions of pro titles and $200,000 prize funds everytime a new reactive, kryptonic, plutonic or other space-age ball comes out that promises to blast, smash, grind and even devour the pins. So how is it that a $5 dollar each bowling accessory has gotten our attention?

First of all, it's elementary economics. Everyone can afford it. And if you can do for $5 dollars, what you hope you'll be able to do for $150 or $200... your checkbook (or spouse) will tell you which gets the green light.

Secondly. Remember, you can only become as good as your technique. You can have all the hook, flare, angle, and backend reaction that you want, but you won't become a better bowler without consistent, flawless release. So what exactly is the Thumbillow? The Thumbillow is a smooth, padded, cushion that adheres (nail-side) in the thumb hole. As a bowling aid, it is designed to correct the greatest cause of poor delivery... incorrect thumb hole fit.

Chuck Hacker, President of Hack's Sport Specialties ? manufacturer of the Thumbillow, notes that although "The thumb may have fit fine the day the ball was drilled, changes in the thumb's size due to the number of games bowled, weather, diet, or other factors can cause the hole to become too tight."

"The Thumbillow" he adds, "will improve your average by eliminating hand squeeze, and sore thumb problems; while promoting a smooth, pendulum arm swing; improved timing; a relaxed hand; and a confident, consistent release." The newest model, the Interchangeable Thumbillow can be removed and switched with a thinner or thicker model depending on your thumb's fit.

We tried the Thumbillow in two balls.

Following the enclosed instructions, the product installed in about 15 seconds. No tools were needed, although a pair of scissors might be needed to trim the Thumbillow if it is too wide or long.

In a ball with a loose thumb hole, the 1/8" Thumbillow filled the gap perfectly. Now securely in the ball, the Thumbillow solved three common problems of a too large thumb hole: 1. Short pushaway, 2. Short backswing and bent elbow, 3. Early release with no lift.
These problems can result in poor timing, a rushed approach, reduced power, muscling the ball, and lack of rotation.

These were the test results: Game 1: (Without Thumbillow) 157
Game 2: (With Thumbillow) 219
Game 3: (Without Thumbillow) 164
Game 4: (With Thumbillow) 239

With the thumbillow, we gained an average of 4 additional revolutions, and a hook increase of approximately 5 boards. In addition, the full range of the armswing could be achieved with no bending at the elbow, and without dropping the ball before the release point.

The second ball tested had a "perfect/tight" fit. This means that the fit starts out fine, but with the combination of moisture and repeated throws, the thumb begins to swell and stick in the ball. In many cases, the resulting friction from the sticking can cause irritation and soreness.

A tight thumb can cause: 1. Turning the thumb inside or carrying the ball with the fingers to avoid additional irritation. 2. Bending the elbow to reduce pressure on the thumb, followed by muscling the ball for compensation of lost energy. 3. Remaining in the hole on the upswing, resulting in lofting, which reduces accuracy and power.

Our proshop opened up the thumb hole slightly with a sanding disk until the Thumbillow and thumb could be inserted comfortably. With the Thumbillow, no soreness or swelling was experienced throughout the test. In addition, because the thumb was now pressing against a soft smooth cushion, the ball actually felt lighter resulting in a freer, smoother swing.

Conclusion Finding a product that can improve your average is rare, and one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is even rarer. We found that the Thumbillow fills the bill on both counts.

Take a moment and enjoy a few excerpts from some Pro, Amateur and Junior Bowlers that swear by the Thumbillow:

"My third time using the Thumbillow I shot my first 300 game. Since I started using the Thumbillow I have not had a series under 600. Thanks for a great product." Arnold - Saybrook, IL

"Gave your Thumbillow to everyone on tour. Everyone likes them, but they find them hard to find." Ed - PBA Tour

"After buying my first Thumbillow this year at the Hoinke, I am convinced that this is the single best bowling aid I have ever tried."

"My average has gone from 180 to 208 this year." Jimmy - Decatur, AL

"The Thumbillow is the most helpful aid I have ever used. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't develop a consistent release. Now thanks to your great product, all I have to do is relax and stay under the ball." John - Lawrenceville, GA

"Here is another fine example just how well your product works in our Junior League:"
Jason: 240, 278, 234, =752
Matt: 225, 263, 258, =746
1498 Scratch

"Lots of high scores with the Thumbillow: 715, 696, 690, 688, 684, 669, 651, 279. Please send me more."
Paul - Arlington, VA

"The Super Classic is just around the corner and I am completely out of Thumbillows. I am still promoting them whenever I can. Also, if you have not heard, my name was put on the National ABC Hall of Fame ballot. I don't expect to get in but it was a pleasure just to get mentioned."
Don - Cincinnati, OH
ed. note: Don's team shot 3701 scratch in this tourney. Since this letter Don won Hoinke Super Tourney losers bracket - $8,000. Later at Las Vegas Don won the High Roller $100,000. He was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame

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